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Breaking Down the Levels of Hospice Care


Hospice services in California are provided at different levels of care depending on the individual’s needs. Understanding these levels of care is essential to ensure that your loved one receives the appropriate care they need.

Here are some tips that Love and Care Hospice would like to share.

The first level of hospice care is routine care. This level of care provides regular visits from a hospice care team, which typically includes medical and nursing care, as well as social work, counseling, and spiritual support. This level of care is the most common and is suitable for individuals who require basic hospice care services.

General in-patient care is the next level of care and is provided for individuals who require more intensive care in a hospital setting. This level of care is appropriate for individuals whose symptoms cannot be effectively managed at home, and who need a higher level of medical attention.

Continuous care is another level of hospice care, and it is provided for individuals who require round-the-clock care at home. This level of care is suitable for individuals whose symptoms require close monitoring and frequent adjustments to their medication and treatment plan.

Finally, respite care is a short-term break for caregivers and is usually provided for a maximum of five days. This level of care is suitable for caregivers who need to attend to other responsibilities or need a break from caregiving duties.

If you’re unsure which level of hospice care in Van Nuys, California is appropriate, talk to your hospice care provider, who can help you determine the appropriate level of care based on your loved one’s needs.

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